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Years 5-6 Focus areas: Physical Health and STEM Enquiry

Engaging Year five and six students in the science, maths, technology and health of Australian Rules football, the BioCATS program has been delivered to almost 12,000 students since inception in 2012. The free full day program provides students and teachers with an opportunity to experience a day in the life of an elite athlete through GPS data tracking and analysis, the skill of handballing and the importance of nutrition and hydration and the benefits that come from sports participation.

“My excursion to BioLAB was the best! I learnt that maths, science and healthy eating make the difference in football. We got to measure our running speed using GPS trackers and learnt about the science of recovery and the healthy food the players eat for lunch,” Student quote 

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BioCATS is a partnership program between the BioLAB, The Victorian BioScience Education Centre, SEDA and the Geelong Cats with special thanks to Bisinella.