Our Future: Football

The Geelong Cats are committed to fielding powerful teams to be reckoned with each year. There is a significant, ongoing requirement to improve and upgrade facilities from the day they are installed. Technology moves faster than anyone can anticipate, and it is the aim of the Cats to have cutting edge facilities for our players, coaches and support staff to ensure our club is at the pinnacle of athlete development.  

The Club have embarked on the momentous and historical occasion of gaining an AFLW license and fielding a women's team, as of the 2019 season. The significance of this is great, as it now provides an opportunity for young women to aspire to play Australian Rules Football at the elite level.

The Foundation works to support to support our women by creating an environment consisting of specialised facilities and infrastructure, create programs and development opportunities for athletes and staff to excel on and off the field, increase participation and encourage women to take leading roles within the sporting industry.

You have the opportunity to assist us with maintaining the benchmark facilities and programs required for the Club and teams to perform continuously at our peak.  

High Performance Equipment Needs – Provides our players and coaches the necessary gymnasium and sports science equipment, enabling the teams to train and perform at optimum level.  

• Player Development Programs – Ensures we can provide our players with a broad football education so they can be the best they can be. This is achieved through leadership development and specialist coaching programs. 

• Talent Identification Programs – Talent identification both on- and off-field is extremely important to continue the “The Geelong Way”.  

• Coaches and Football Staff Development – Our coaches and football staff strive to continually improve and give the club and the players the edge. 

• Sports Science Initiatives – Science is providing more information which can be used to inform staff and improve how players and coaches perform. It is the Club’s aim to be at the cutting edge of sports science best practice. This includes not only game day but development and rehabilitation.  

Our aim each year is to win Premierships and contributions from donors will greatly assist us in achieving this.