Our Past: Heritage

Remembering the past gives power to the present.  The Geelong Football Club’s rich history is all around us.  Our stands could tell a thousand stories of competition, of friendship and loyalty, key milestones, frustration and celebration — and of sponsors, partners, members and supporters proudly passing on the legacy of their “special place” from grandparents to grandchildren.  Recording and showcasing this history through our people, memorabilia collection, exhibitions, website and events is a key part of maintaining this legacy. Your gift to Heritage will enhance the preservation and promotion of our history to current and future generations..

Honouring the Past has two key focus areas:

Connection with our people

The club has a commitment to honour, connect and celebrate with our people and acknowledge the defining moments in our club’s history.  We will build and maintain a meaningful association with our past players and other contributors, recognising their role in our story.

Preserve and promote our rich history

The club will collect, collate and preserve our heritage to share the stories of our club as our legacy.  This will be achieved through caring for and building our memorabilia collection, storytelling and exhibitions, as well as driving the Geelong Cats History Society.

For a comprehensive elaboration of the Geelong Football Club's history please click here.