Our Past: Heritage

All organisations are richer for how they recognise and celebrate their history. At the Geelong Cats, we have a tapestry that sees a new chapter woven every year. Whether it be purchasing and displaying memorabilia, recognising past players and staff; or commissioning historical works, we aim to ensure these treasures are accessible to our supporters. There are so many projects we wish to start - your gift will help these come to life!.

Honouring the Past has two key focus areas:

-Connecting our people - It is our duty to celebrate the input of every person that has contributed to the success of the Geelong Cats, with a focus on acknowledging and respecting their achievements and the role that they play in our story.

-Preservation and promoting our story - The Geelong Cats has a rich history and this is shared through our collection of memorabilia, virtual interaction through the website, social media platforms and the media.

For a comprehensive elaboration of the Geelong Football Club's history please click here.