Kempe Read the Play

Kempe Read the Play

Target group: Junior footballers and netballers in AFL Barwon and the Western Region Football League  

Focus areas: Mental health literacy and help-seeking skills

The Geelong Cats’ support of the Read the Play program continues in 2021. The program was founded in Geelong and is delivered to all junior footballers and netballs at under 15 level in AFL Barwon. It aims to provide participants in local clubs with a greater understanding and awareness of mental health, and where to seek help. It also establishes a Player Wellbeing Officer at each AFL Barwon club. A recent independent evaluation of the Read the Play program, conducted by Deakin University’s Centre for Drug use, Addictive and Anti-social behaviour Research (CEDAAR) found a marked increase in the mental health literacy and help-seeking behaviours of young people who had been through the program.

Ambassadors: Mark Blicavs, Mark O’Connor, Danielle Higgins

This is a partnership program with Read the Play

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